Head2Head is a Rogue-like Fighting Game designed by Jaime Silva, founder of ArcForged. In Head2head, your characters are your fighting styles and your heads are your stats. Battle through a gauntlet of randomly generated enemies, have epic battles with boss characters, level up and customize your characters to fit your playstyle. Roll for heads in a gacha system with skulls you earn from each enemy defeated.

Fact Sheet

Status: Early Access
Developer: ArcForged
Location: Orlando, FL
Release Date: June 23rd, 2021

Steam: Head2Head on Steam
Social: https://twitter.com/ArcForged
Contact: ArcForged@gmail.com

Head2Head EVO 2022 Trailer



  • Online VS with GGPO Rollback + Epic Online Services
  • Play as 5 Characters, each with a unique fighting style and stat growth.
  • Over 100 heads with their own unique perks that let you customize your character and your gameplay.
  • Roll for Heads with Skull tokens earned from defeating your enemies.
  • Level up, by gaining Experience from each fight.
  • Power up, by combining heads to increase their star level, boosting their stats.
  • Single Player Endless Rogue-like Survival Mode, to level up and get loot from enemies.
  • Combo Trials – Learn the ins and outs of character move sets by completing character based missions that reward you with unique loot.


  • Jaime Silva – Lead Game Designer
  • Emanuel Miglio – Lead Systems Designer / Lead Programmer
  • Reginald Lindor – Music Composer
  • Alexandr Nikiforov – Concept Artist
  • Rodrigo Hernan Lopez – 3D Character Artist
  • Antonio Arroyo – Character Technical Artist
  • Anthony Galarza – Character Animator
  • David Reyes – Character Animator